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Current/Emerging Trends in CSCS-370Students will explore advanced topics in Computer Science through analysis of authentic scenarios. S ... [more]Computer ScienceUndergraduate
Full Stack Development ICS-465Students will design and develop a full stack application through the utilization of programming lan ... [more]Computer ScienceUndergraduate
Full Stack Development IICS-470In this course, students will develop a full stack application that runs in the cloud. Through the a ... [more]Computer ScienceUndergraduate
Web-based ITIT-221This course introduces students with web systems and a range of web technologies, both client-side a ... [more]Information TechnologyUndergraduate
Visual Communication & DesignCOM-229In this course, students will apply fundamental design principles and communication technologies to ... [more]CommunicationUndergraduate
Field Based Education ElectiveEDGR-ELEEducation-Field Based EdUndergraduate
Field Based Education ElectiveEDGR-ELEAEducation-Field Based EdGraduate
Field Based Education ElectiveEDGR-ELEBEducation-Field Based EdGraduate
Field Based Education ElectiveEDGR-ELECEducation-Field Based EdGraduate
Education CAGS ElectiveEDCA-ELEEd Cert of Advanced Grad StudyGraduate
Education CAGS ElectiveEDCA-ELEAEd Cert of Advanced Grad StudyGraduate
Education CAGS ElectiveEDCA-ELEBEd Cert of Advanced Grad StudyGraduate
Education CAGS ElectiveEDCA-ELECEd Cert of Advanced Grad StudyGraduate
Strategic StorytellingCOM-326In this course, students will examine the role of communication messages as a form of strategic stor ... [more]CommunicationUndergraduate
Systems and Network AdminIT-361This course introduces students with the tasks and skills required to perform as a system administra ... [more]Information TechnologyUndergraduate
Intro to Game DevelopmentGAM-120This course introduces students to game development industry as well as the technologies that make g ... [more]Game Design and DevelopmentUndergraduate
Scripting for GamesGAM-230This course will introduce students to scripting for video games, making use of modern game engine t ... [more]Game Design and DevelopmentUndergraduate
Mobile Game DevelopmentGAM-375The mobile games industry has grown massively in the past decade, creating a dynamic market where cr ... [more]Game Design and DevelopmentUndergraduate
Independent StudyCM-480This course is independent by design, allowing a student to investigate any construction subject mat ... [more]Construction ManagementUndergraduate
Understanding ResearchRSC-110This course is intended to help students become better, more critical consumers of research while in ... [more]ResearchUndergraduate
Research PracticumRSC-420The Research Practicum provides opportunities for students to gain first-hand experience in conducti ... [more]ResearchUndergraduate
Systems Reqmts/Implement PlanIT-304Students will develop system requirements specifications and implementation plans reflecting organiz ... [more]Information TechnologyUndergraduate
User-Centered Sys Design/EvalIT-337Students will explore the process of designing systems with a concerted focus on end-users. By emplo ... [more]Information TechnologyUndergraduate
DN - DVX/AnonymousCFA-213College for AmericaCollege for AmericaCollege for America
DN -IDEA U/AnonymousCFA-215College for AmericaCollege for AmericaCollege for America
DN - PelotonU/AnonymousCFA-217College for AmericaCollege for AmericaCollege for America
Early Childhood Education EleECE-ELEAEarly Chilhood EducationGraduate
Early Childhood Education EleECE-ELEBEarly Chilhood EducationGraduate
Data Valid: Getting Right DataDAT-300Students will learn to both assess whether data on hand can be used to address real world challenges ... [more]Data AnalyticsUndergraduate
Early Childhood Education EleECE-ELECEarly Chilhood EducationGraduate