Information Technology 710-X3198 Information Tech Internship
This course is to enable the School of Business graduate students to gain valuable work experience within the field of Information Technology. The objective is to give the students an opportunity for practical application of Information Technology business concepts learned in classes and complement the course work taken. Secondarily, internships offer the opportunity to develop crucial job searching skills, explore career interests, enhance your resume, make contacts in your chosen field and build references for future employment. Each intern will work in a career-related position during the academic term for which the student is enrolled for the internship - completing a minimum of 150 hours on the job per 3 credits.

Section Name: IT-710-X3198
Departments: Information Technology
Prerequisites: Grad Internship only; Must have 18 credits and instructor and CDC approval
Academic Level: Graduate
Course Type:
Credits: 3
Books: To Be Determined