Student Code of Conduct
The University is a community of scholars in which the ideals of freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of the individual are sustained.  However, the exercise and preservation of these freedoms and rights requires a respect of the rights of all in the community to enjoy them to the same extent.  In a community of learning, willful disruption of the educational process, destruction of property, and interference with the orderly process of the University as defined by the University administration or with the rights of other members of the University cannot be tolerated.  Students enrolling in the institution assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational institution.  To fulfill its functions of imparting and gaining knowledge, the University retains the power to maintain order within the community and to remove those who are disruptive to the educational process.  The policies listed below describe and explain prohibited conduct as well as outline behavioral expectations.