Student Employment Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a job?

Students can look online at job postings throughout the year at SNHU Jobs.  A job fair is also held in the beginning of Fall semester, the day before classes begin. Both on campus and off campus employers will attend to accept resumes and job applications. Some employers will even conduct on the spot interviews.  Many employers also hire by word of mouth so if there is a department you are interested in working for, we encourage you to reach out to that department.

How much do students get paid?

Students are paid an hourly wage ranging from $8.00-$8.50 for on campus jobs and $9.25 for off campus community service positions.

Does my work-study award go towards my tuition bill?

No, students are paid on a bi-weekly basis based on the hours worked for that pay period. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

How many hours per week should I be expecting to work?

Generally students can expect to work between 8 and 10 hours per week, although certain positions may require more hours.  Students are prohibited in working over 20 hours per week. An exception is made for Christmas and Spring break when students can work up to 40 hours per week.

Are all positions located on campus?

No. In addition to the main campus, SNHU also has offices located on Elm Street and the Millyard in downtown Manchester that could potentially need student employees.  Students with work-study may also apply with our off campus community service partners for jobs within the greater Manchester area.  See the Community Service Work-Study section for more information.

Can I work more than one job?

Yes, students may work more than one job as long as they do not exceed 20 hours per week total.

What should I bring to campus to be prepared for a job as a student employee?

All students should be prepared with documents to fill out the I-9 form.  Most commonly used documents are either a passport or a driver’s license and original social security card or original birth certificate. A list of all acceptable documents can be found here.  All documents must be original, photocopies cannot be accepted.

Students should also bring their banking information (Name of Bank, Routing Number, and Account Number) in order to sign up for direct deposit.

Am I guaranteed a job if I have work-study?

No, all students looking for student positions must search for jobs, apply, and interview, as you would for any job. Don’t be afraid to network and put yourself out there.

Can I get a job starting in second semester?

Yes, jobs will be posted throughout the year as employer needs arise. 

Who do I contact if I have questions: