Community Service Work-Study


Students who have been awarded work-study as part of their financial aid package are not limited to on campus jobs.  SNHU partners with many off campus non-profit organizations who employ students with work-study.  Not only will students earn a bi-weekly paycheck, they will also benefit from giving back to the greater Manchester community. 

Some of the organizations that SNHU partners with include Salvation Army Kid’s Café, Families in Transition, Caregivers, Bedford Animal Rescue League, INTI Soccer Academy, and many more.  All community service positions pay $9.25 per hour.  Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from the organization.

The following are statements from SNHU students who took the opportunity to work in the community service work-study program:

"SNHU Work-Study, thank you for getting my job at the Manchester Animal Shelter. I work 3 days a week with these beautiful animals. I help talk to people who are interested in adopting, along with taking care of them. I love the feeling when they find a good home. It can be a little stressful but this place helps me relax from all the homework and all the tests. I am so grateful I am able to get work here, thank you SNHU Work-Study."

I'm Amber Forrence, a Southern New Hampshire University student working for Jayme's Fund. Yesterday, I experienced the Jayme's Bears program come full circle for me when I delivered Jayme's Bears to The Jimmy Fund Clinic in Boston. I was lucky enough witness the joy and gratitude that children experience when receiving a Jayme's Bear.

Being able to see Jayme's Bears transform from fabric and fluff to a bear that children can have and hold really brings the purpose of Jayme's Bears to life. Delivering the bears was a special experience especially because I was able to give a bear to Amy, who was so appreciative to receive one.

I was welcomed into the clinic by Jennifer Noonan, the Adolescent Program Manager, who is always so grateful to receive Jayme's Bears. Some of you may know that Jayme's Bears are made in memory of a project that Jayme created in 1997 when she delivered bears to The Jimmy Fund Clinic. Read more here! (

I look forward to returning to The Clinic with more bears in the future! I cannot thank Jayme's Fund enough for this eye-opening experience and wish others to know the comfort and hope that Jayme's Bears provides for children in these tough circumstances."

As with any student employee position, off-campus community service jobs can often lead to future full-time positions as shown in the story below:

SNHU alumni Nick Carey, worked with The Center of Community Engaged Learning during his freshman year to find an off-campus FWS position at The Salvation Army’s Kids Café. During Nick’s time at Kids Café, he found a place where he could thrive. He found a passion in learning about kids from other cultures and backgrounds saying “Working at Kids Café I felt like I was learning so much about people who come from situations vastly different than mine, something I was usually taught by the media, textbooks, and volunteering at soup kitchens…” Nick was able to form memorable bonds with the children and learned a lot from working there continuing on to say “The second thing that hit me was the bright personalities of the children. They love to interact with the volunteers…”

By his second semester, he knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to working with children like the ones at Kids Café. He declared Elementary Education as his major. Because of his dedication and hard work, he was hired as a lead counselor at the Salvation Army’s summer camp, and won their College Volunteer of the Year Award. 

The summer after graduation, his boss at Kids Café, told him about a part-time position that opened up for a gym/tutor coordinator, of which he gladly accepted. While working there, he also worked as a substitute teacher at various schools around Manchester. He noticed that a lot of the kids from Kids Café went to Beech Street Elementary School. After substituting several days a week there all year, he was offered a job for the 2015-2016 school year as a technology teacher. With the school year going great so far, Nick has enjoyed being able to work with the children who attend Kids Café both in and out of school! He was able to find something in life that truly makes him happy and could not be more grateful for the opportunities he has had because of the FWS program saying “It was easy to notice that many of the children attending Kids Café needed positive role models in their life that set expectations for them and had a smile of their face, and I was happy that my work study job allowed me to be one of those people.”