Benefits of Student Employment

There are many benefits of working as a student employee:

  • Gain career-related experience, including building a network of contacts
  • Perfect time-management skills needed for academic success
  • Earn money to help pay your expenses
  • National studies show that students have a higher rate of degree completion
  • Work with employers who tend to be more flexible with your hours

The following are testimonials from current full-time SNHU employees who started at SNHU as a student employee and are now employed as full-time professional employees.  These stories are just a few examples of where your student job can lead you.


“I honestly would not be where I am today without my job as a student worker in the Office of Admission.  Being a tour guide taught me how to think on my feet, handle those hard questions and made me a much better public speaker.  All of those abilities I still use in my current job today.  The work environment and family atmosphere the Office of Admission has was contagious as a student worker.  I thought that the admission counselors had the coolest job in the world and after working in the office for one month I knew I would be lucky if I could stay in this office as long as possible.  When I graduated and a position opened up I was extremely grateful to interview and accept a job in the Office of Admission.  I don’t think anyone goes to school thinking that they want to be an admission counselor but after having my student worker position I realized that, that was what I wanted to do to start my career after graduation.”

                                                -Brittany Flannery, Associate Director of Freshman Admission



“Being a student alone made me want to work for Southern New Hampshire University after I graduated, working on campus as a student worker only enhanced that desire. For most of my time living on campus I worked as a student worker, in the wellness and reslife office and as a resident assistant. I believe these roles taught me more about the inner working of the university and helped me understand all of the parts that went into helping me get an education. In these roles I was able to meet people from all over campus, in so many different departments. I learned about the needs of our students, our different programs, and what it took to be a staff member of SNHU by working with my managers.

Passion is one of the biggest things that SNHU looks for in applicants for fulltime positions.  I think that the roles I held on campus along with being a student gave me a passion for SNHU. I made sure to show my passion in my interviews for the position I hold now. I also think having a working knowledge of SNHU and the different departments set me apart from other applications when I applied. I would encourage all students to get out there and try to learn more, better yourself, and gain more knowledge about your school by becoming a student worker! It might pay off in the future!”

                                                            -Stephanie Fournier


“Southern New Hampshire University prides itself in both helping students prepare for opportunities in their selected career fields, and exposing students to possible opportunities at graduation within their selected field.  As an undergraduate student at SNHU, I was awarded a work study as part of my financial aid.  Luckily, a work study job in The Office of Residence Life became available during my freshman year and for the next four years I enjoyed the experience of working in that office.  This position not only opened the door for me to become a Resident Assistant in my sophomore year, but also created pathways for me to become a student leader on campus.  After graduation, the skills I acquired through those roles were easily transferred to my professional life.  My office, the Career Development Center, believes career preparation begins on day one at SNHU, and that students who take advantage of various experiences offered on campus, reap benefits after graduation.  My own experience at SNHU is a perfect illustration of experience creating opportunity.”

                                                            -Elizabeth Keaton, Career Special Projects Coordinator


“I started at SNHU as a work study for the School of Business while pursuing my undergraduate degree in Business Administration. Working for the Budget Manager for the School of Business, as well as working on projects for the school helped me connect with many faculty and staff members across the university. Upon completion of my degree I had secured the Graduate Assistant position for the School of Business and after a semester working there I applied for a position in the Office of the University Registrar. I am now working as the Special Programs Coordinator for the Registrar’s Office. The experience I gained through my work-study position, along with the exposure to other departments and people at the university, helped me secure a full time position at the university. “

                                                            -Brian Ward, Special Programs Specialist


“I would say that working as a student worker on campus really helped me get to where I am today. When I was a freshmen in college I was offered the opportunity to work in the HR department on campus as a student worker. The job, while I wasn’t looking for it, was just what I needed. One of my professor’s approached me at the end of class and asked if I was interested in working in the department because she knew the HR field interested me, and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. And as they say, it was history from there. Working as a student worker gave me the chance to make extra money, learn a few things along the way, and still keep school my number one priority, so I could get my work completed. While working in the HR department I learned how to do a lot of things I might not have been exposed to otherwise; helping when needed, showing up on time and dressing appropriately, learning to work with others that you might not have much in common with otherwise and many office skills that I find extremely useful in the job I have now. Now you may be asking, okay so what job does she have now? I am happy to say that when I graduated, the department had an opening and I interviewed and I was able to get a job on the Manchester Campus as an Employment Coordinator. I work with hiring students, Full and Part time staff, as well as faculty into the School’s HRIS system Workday. It has been a great learning experience and I love who I work with and what I do. If I hadn’t had my job as a student worker, I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am now. “

                                                                        -Keanyn Blaisdell, Employment Coordinator


“I started attending Southern New Hampshire University in the fall of 2010. I had absolutely no idea what the Registrar’s office was, and why would I as a freshman who’d had no previous higher education experiences? When it was recommended to me that I apply for a student worker position, I did not know what such a position in this office would entail, but my curiosity was piqued. I learned that the Office of the University Registrar was the official keeper of student academic records, as well as the upholders of university policy and academic integrity. At the time, the university was in the process of converting all of the hard-copy student records into digital versions, and I thought “this should be easy enough.” I was not expecting to make a career of scanning documents, but I knew I was certainly capable of performing the job functions without issue.

As I journeyed through my undergraduate career, I learned more and more about how involved the Office of the University Registrar was in helping students to achieve academic success from a “backstage” perspective. I learned that there were a lot of intricate pieces working together to produce something that, to a student, might seem simple, such as a program evaluation or course registration. I wanted to contribute in whatever ways I could to ensure that my time as a student employee would benefit the office. As the university continued to grow, and I demonstrated my willingness to assist, I received more projects of varying difficulty that allowed others in the office to witness my capabilities. By the time I had graduated from SNHU, I was not worried about a job search – I had already been offered a position in the office from which I had learned so much. Two years after graduation, I am still part of the Registrar team, and I look forward to the ways in which I can continue to grow with this office.”


-Michaela Thomas

Academic Progress and Graduation Coordinator