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International Student Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about SNHU
Where is SNHU located?
Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, which was named one of the ten “most livable” U.S. cities by Forbes magazine, and is just one hour from the city of Boston.
Where can I find out more information about Manchester, NH and the surrounding area?
Manchester is one of the largest and most dynamic cities in northern New England. With a population of over 110,000, Manchester combines small-town charm with a lively cultural scene. Downtown Manchester boasts more than 70 restaurants. Go fishing, go for a hike, or go skiing. Manchester has it all. You can learn more about the music, shopping, dining, sports, outdoor activities and hotel options offered in Manchester here.
Is SNHU accredited?
Southern New Hampshire University is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc., (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE). All programs offered by SNHU are encompassed by this regional accreditation. You can learn more information here.
How many international students attend SNHU?
SNHU enrolls around 5,000 students with over 1,000 international students from more than 70 countries, which offers students endless opportunities to meet other students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds.
How safe is the SNHU campus?
New Hampshire has been ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the 3rd safest state in the U.S. At SNHU, we take the safety and well-being of our students, faculty and staff very seriously. The preservation of life, protection of property, prevention of criminal behavior and the creation of a safe environment is our foremost responsibility. We work around the clock to maintain campus safety through a variety of initiatives, including escort and education services. Learn more about SNHU’s Office of Public Safety here.
Can I schedule a visit to campus?
Absolutely! SNHU welcomes all prospective students currently in or visiting the United States to contact our Office of International Admissions to schedule a tour and a meeting with one of our Admissions staff. We have student tour guides that generally offer tours at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm Monday-Friday. Please email or call +1 603-645-9629 to make tour arrangements. You can find directions to the campus here.
Is there a way to see the campus online?
Those who cannot visit the campus in person are invited to do a Virtual Tour online. With the Virtual Tour, prospective students and families can navigate SNHU’s campus and learn about our unique programs and culture through self-guided tours. Our interactive student guide will accompany you as you explore our university's offerings through the use of the GPS-enabled campus map, student videos and photos. SNHU’s beautiful, 300-acre campus in Manchester NH offers access to a wealth of student resources, including an innovative computer lab, the Shapiro Library and a full-service dining hall.
Applying to SNHU
How do I apply to SNHU as an international student? What documents are required to apply?
Our 4-step application process for international students is both easy and fast. 
You can find the Requirements & Steps here.
When do SNHU’s terms start? When is the application deadline?
SNHU offers 3 academic term intakes per year in January, May and September.* SNHU's ESL Program has 6 intakes per year.
Application deadlines are 3 months before the program start dates.
You can find the upcoming start dates and application deadlines here.
*MS.TEFL has different term starts, which you can find on the dates & deadlines page. MS in Professional Accountancy is only available in the September term.
What is SNHU’s application fee? Can the application fee be waived?
SNHU requires a $40 application fee to be paid by credit card at the time the online application is submitted. The application fee is mandatory, non-refundable, and cannot be waived. You can pay your application fee here.
Are the SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT required?
No. SNHU does not require applicants to take the SAT/ACT for undergraduate programs or GRE/GMAT for master degree programs. The GMAT is required for doctoral programs.
How do I find out the status of my application?
Applications take between 2-4 weeks to process after all required documents have been submitted. If this time has passed, you may inquire about the status of your application by emailing us at or calling +1 (603) 645-9629.
Can I Skype or call someone about SNHU or my application?
Absolutely! To request an appointment for a phone or Skype consultation, please email us at
Do I need to officially report to SNHU my TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score?
Yes, English proficiency scores must be officially reported. SNHU verifies all English proficiency test scores with the testing organizations. 
SNHU’s ETS code is 3649.
What do I do if I am unable to meet SNHU’s English Language Proficiency requirement?
Students from non-English speaking countries with no proof of English proficiency (or scores below the minimum requirement) will be enrolled in SNHU’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program prior to their degree program. In this situation, students are granted conditional admission to their degree program. You can find more information about our ESL program here.
My grades/marks are not on the American scale, is there a conversion method? Am I required to get a transcript evaluation prior to applying to SNHU?
SNHU calculates your grades/marks by converting them to a U.S. equivalent Grade Point Average (GPA). These conversions are in compliance with accepted practices used by many universities in the United States. An outside transcript evaluation is NOT required by SNHU. However, if you are considering having your credentials evaluated by a credential evaluation service, please refer to the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) for a list of SNHU-approved providers.
Am I required to submit a letter of recommendation, resume and/or statement of purpose for my application?
No. SNHU does not require applicants to submit these documents as part of the application process.
After I apply, when will I receive an admission decision and receive an I-20 Form?
Admissions decisions typically take 2-4 weeks from the date the application and all required documents are received. Processing time may be extended if required documents are missing. Therefore, we recommend that all of the required documents be sent to SNHU as quickly as possible. Only accepted students will receive an I-20 from SNHU.
I am currently attending another US university. If I am admitted to SNHU how do I transfer my I-20?
Transfer applicants will receive an I-20 transfer form from SNHU with the acceptance letter. The current institution should complete the form and return it to SNHU. The financial statement and the transfer I-20 form must be received by SNHU prior to issuing a new I-20.
I previously attended a different college/university, but I do not want to transfer credit for those courses. Do I have to submit my transcripts from this time?
Applicants must submit all post-secondary academic records with the application, even if it was a different program, or you do not wish to receive transfer credit. Failure to provide all academic records may result in denial of admission, admission and scholarship revocation, and or refusal of transfer credit.

Academic Programs
Where can I find a current list of majors available to international students?
​Applicants can find a current list of degrees available by clicking on the "Available Degrees" link on our International Admissions Requirements​ webpage 

How long does it take for a student to complete the program?
Bachelor degrees generally take 4 years to complete, unless a student is taking our special “Degree In Three” program (learn more about the Degree in Three program here).
Master degrees take between 1-1.5 years, depending on the number of courses in the program and the student’s educational background.
What is the Degree In Three (Di3) program?
Business students who so choose can earn a bachelor degree in three years at Southern New Hampshire University. With the Di3 program, save thousands on tuition and related expenses and use the fourth year to start your career early and/or add on a 1-year master degree. The Di3 program only starts in September. Applicants to this program must have the required English proficiency and cannot take an ESL or ULS program first. You can learn more here.
Is my program a STEM program included on the STEM Designated Degree Program List?
SNHU currently offers the following programs which are officially considered “STEM”:
BS Aeronautical Engineering
BS Biology
BS Computer & Electrical Engineering
BS Computer Information Systems
BS Computer Science
BS Environmental Science
BS Environmental Science and Sustainability
BA Game Art and Development
BS Game Programming and Development​
BA Mathematics
BS Mechanical Engineering

MS Information Technology​

How many credits can I transfer in?
Undergraduate applicants may transfer in up to 90 program-applicable transfer credits (3 years of study). In order to evaluate transfer credit, applicants must submit an official transcript for a course-by-course evaluation. Students may be required to submit course descriptions or syllabi in some cases to receive transfer credit.
Graduate applicants may transfer in up to 6 elective credits (2 courses). 
(For Master degree programs) Must I have completed a prior degree in the same subject to apply? 
Do I need work experience in order to apply?
No, students are not required to have studied or worked in a related field in order to apply for most master’s degree programs at SNHU. However, students with an education background in a different area of study may be required to take foundational courses. SNHU has one master program, MS in Professional Accountancy, that does require an undergraduate degree in Accounting.
(For Master degree programs) Do you provide any type of assistantship (teaching or research)?
Since SNHU is a more practice-based university model and our undergraduate classes are always taught by full professors, we do not offer many assistantship opportunities for master degree students. Our master degrees are short, practical programs with a lot of hands-on and pre-professional practice. After the first full academic year, students can apply for an internship with the help of our Career Services office. International students may also work on campus (even during their first year) for a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session and full-time during breaks between terms; however, there is a lot of competition for the few on-campus jobs available.
Do you offer internship opportunities?
We value the traditional classroom experience, but what makes SNHU special is our commitment to learning outside the classroom. Both undergraduate and graduate students can choose to do an internship during their study. Our Career Services Office can help students to locate, apply for an secure internship opportunities during their study. You can find out more information here.
What is Optional Practical Training (OPT)?
Optional Practical Training (OPT) is a period during which undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status who have completed or have been pursuing their degrees for more than nine months are permitted by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to work for one year on a student visa towards getting practical training to complement their education. F-1 students who receive science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees included on the STEM Designated Degree Program List, may apply for a 24-month extension.

Tuition & Financing
How much will my program cost?
You can find our published list of current tuition, fees and estimated living costs here.
Are scholarships available for international students? Do you offer any full scholarships? How do I apply for a scholarship?
SNHU offers opportunities for all international students to apply for a scholarship. Although SNHU does not offer full scholarships, international applicants may be eligible for partial merit-based scholarship awards (called the International Merit Scholarship) based on previous academic achievement. Applicants must complete the scholarship application for consideration. SNHU also offers an automatic Diversity Scholarship for undergraduate students from select countries. Find out more about our scholarship opportunities here.
What is the maximum scholarship amount?
International Merit Scholarships are awarded in variable amounts up to approximately 20% of the total tuition. Diversity Scholarships amount to approximately 30% of the total tuition.
What is an Affidavit of Support and do I have to have one?
Applicants who are not responsible for their own educational expenses or whose submitted bank statement is not in their name are required to submit an Affidavit of Support. The Affidavit can be found here.
When am I required to pay my tuition fees? Can I prepay my tuition? Can I pay in installments?
Tuition is due upon arrival at SNHU. Students can prepay tuition online here.​
If you need to set up a payment plan, we recommend you work with our Student Financial Services Office.

International Student Life
Are international students required to have health insurance?
Yes. All international students are required to enroll in the University’s international student health insurance plan. The only exceptions are granted for students who receive health insurance through their sponsoring program (SACM students, for example) or if they are covered as a dependent of a parent or spouse with US or Canadian (but only if the Canadian insurance covers you in the US) health insurance provided through an employer. Exemptions must be requested by filling out this form [Waiver Form] and are approved on a case-by-case basis.
Can international students work during their study?
International students may work on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week while school is in session and 40 hours per week during breaks between terms. Listings of job openings are available within my.SNHU. Unfortunately, there are only a small number of jobs available each term and on-campus jobs cannot be guaranteed. An on-campus job can help with the student’s personal expenses (pocket money), but these funds are not sufficient to finance tuition costs. Students should not come to SNHU without a plan as to how they will pay the full cost of their education. SNHU also offers a few off-campus paid options, which are all available only after the first full academic year of study.​
Do you provide on-campus and/or off-campus housing for international students? 
On-campus housing is available for ESL, undergraduate and graduate students, with the exception of married students. On campus housing is limited, and does fill up, so we recommend you make your reservation early! If you wish to search for off campus housing, you will do this on your own. Whether you decide to live at SNHU or explore other housing options, you can learn more here.
Do you provide any career assistance when the program is coming to an end?
Southern New Hampshire University’s Career Services team works with students throughout their academic experience as well as after graduation. Whether you are still considering potential career options or looking to advance your career, our career coaches are here to help. From the job search to networking to the application and interview process, SNHU offers a wide array of services. You can learn more about SNHU’s Career Services here.

Accepted Student Information
I’ve been accepted to SNHU. Do I have to make a tuition deposit?
Some students may be required to make a tuition deposit; the acceptance letter will indicate if you are required to pay a deposit with instructions on how to do so. This deposit can assist you in the visa process. We will indicate receipt of a tuition deposit on your I-20 form. In the case of a visa denial, these deposits are refundable.
How do I register for on-campus housing?
Once you have paid your housing deposit, then you are notified via your email address to access Here you can navigate to our portal page. Select “Access myHousing Director” at the bottom of the page, and then follow along with these steps to apply for housing, provide us any information related to a room on campus you are requesting, and any information to help us find you a suitable roommate. You can learn more about this step in the process here.
Is there a housing deposit?
Yes. There is a $100 Housing Deposit to secure your space. You can pay online with a credit card here. This works two ways: The first is the deposit is your key to unlocking the housing application through My.SNHU and MyHousing here. The second way the security deposit works is when you check out at the end of your terms. If you have any charges remaining on your account, then this $100 deposit is applied to those balances. If you don’t have any remaining charges, then you are refunded the $100.
Can I arrive after the orientation date?
No. Orientation provides essential information about government and university regulations, expectations, and support services. Without this information, you will not be successful in the onboarding and matriculation process. As a result, attendance at Orientation is mandatory and students need to arrive at least one day before Orientation in order to complete the check in process. If you have specific questions about orientation, please reach out to
When do I get my SNHU email login?
You will receive your SNHU email address and login credentials within 24-hours of when your I-20 is issued. This will give you access to SNHU’s student portal ( If you do not receive your login credentials, please contact our office at If you have difficulty logging in to your SNHU account, please call the help desk at +1 (855) 877-9919.
How do I register for courses for my first term? Can I register for them before I arrive at SNHU?
Students are registered for courses for their first term by their academic advisor. This is done once we receive notification that you have received your visa. Please let the Admissions office know ( when you have received your visa to expedite your course registration.
Which international airport is closest to SNHU?
The closest international airport to SNHU is Boston Logan International Airport, which is 58 miles/about 1 hour by car from campus.
There is a regional airport in Manchester, New Hampshire which is 11 miles and about 20 minutes by car from campus.
How can I travel from the airport to SNHU?
There are a number of ways you can travel to SNHU from either the Manchester Boston Regional Airport or the Boston Logan International Airport, including bus, taxi, train, or a combination of these modes of transportation. Please refer here​ for more details about traveling to campus.
Will SNHU pick me up at the airport?
SNHU's International Student Services office has organized an airport pickup service to students flying into the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (airport code MHT) at the beginning of International Week of Welcome. When organizing your travel, please keep in mind that we will only provide airport pickup service between the hours of 8am and 4pm. In order to ensure that there will be someone at the airport to greet you and ample space in our vans to transport you to campus, please fill out this survey. When you arrive, there will be a member of the SNHU Welcome committee to greet you at baggage claim, and from there you will be taken directly to the check-in desk for international students. 
Are there temporary accommodations available if I arrive to SNHU early?
Yes, SNHU has a few limited spots in the on-campus residence halls available for students on a temporary basis. The Office of Residence Life manages the temporary housing options, so if you are interested in this option, please contact them directly by emailing or calling +1 (603) 645-9758. All students must submit all health forms prior to moving into campus housing. Additionally, if you arrive after business hours or on a weekend, you will need to find hotel accommodations.
Do I have to complete any health requirements?

All international students (undergraduate, graduate, and ESL) taking classes at the Manchester campus must provide complete and accurate medical information and immunization records.The required documents must be translated into English and students are asked to bringing the original copies to campus in case there are any concerns upon their arrival. Students are required to provide this information prior to the start of their first academic term, or moving into the residence halls. Failure to fulfill this requirement will prevent registration in future academic terms.

 Students are encouraged to contact their health care provider prior to their arrival at SNHU in order to complete the health requirements as delineated below.

·         Medical History Summary Form

·         Physical Exam report within 24 months of expected start date

·         Tuberculosis Screen and any needed official tuberculosis test results (skin test report, blood test report, or chest x-ray report)

·         Proof of immunization against measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis b, meningitis, and varicella.

I have my I-20 Form. How do I get my student visa?
Once you have your I-20, provided by SNHU, you will need to apply for a visa. The process for applying for a visa vary by U.S. Embassy or Consulate depending on the country from which you are applying. You can find country-specific information on the​​ website. Generally, you will need to complete the online “Nonimmigrant Visa Application” first and submit a photo ID. You will also need to schedule an appointment for your visa interview, usually held at the embassy or consulate of your country. One you have completed the steps outlined in the link above, you will be granted a visa to enter the U.S. as a student.
How do I prepare for the visa interview?
Once your interview for your visa application has been scheduled, there are several things you will need to bring with you, including: visa application fee (usually $160 but may vary, details here), passport valid for at least six months, printed Nonimmigrant Visa Application, Application fee payment receipt, Photo, and your I-20. There may be additional materials you need depending on the embassy or consulate requirements, which you can find here under the section titled “Additional Documentation May be Required”. For more information you can visit the Visa for Incoming International Students link on the left menu bar or go directly to the document here​

 Contact Information


International Admissions

Gustafson Center

Phone:  603-645-9629



International Student Services

Green Center

Phone: 603-645-9676



Student Financial Services

Exeter Hall

Phone: 877-455-7648 (Select Option 2)



Residence Life

Green Center

Phone: 603-645-9758


Wellness Center
Student Center
Phone: 603-645-9676